Thursday, June 18, 2009

Something brief

I really hope I never get propositioned by a prostitute right in front of my house again.

And I really wish that people didn't approach me begging for money, with obvious drug problems or heartbreaking stories that I know deep down are bullshit, but want to believe.

I told you this would be brief.


  1. Hey, the sad part is 95% of the people in this country make their money based on a lie, me included. I know how ya feel, tho I occasionally try to remind myself that there is an element of tragic innocence in how simple these sorts of lies are in comparison. What do we do with it? I don't know...

  2. I know what you can be annoying and awkward but at the end of the day it's just heart breaking. We had a situation like this recently in Sydney where a man asked for money for chewing gum, so, my dad said "I've got some chewing gum right here in my bag.." The man just walked away and asked the next person in the restaurant for money. Once he left, the guy working there apologized for the inconvenience and my dad just commented "no it's ok, just sad that he wasn't really going to do what he said with that money". It's definitely tough..I just said a quick prayer and that's really all we can do in many cases.

    God bless.